Monday, December 15, 2008

Charles Ps music career, (continued)

Charles Ps innate hint of dignity led him to leave the Village people mid-tour. He wandered off stage during a rousing version of "In The Navy", simply taking his place in the normal nightly conga line and slipping off stage unnoticed. He wandered the streets and alleys of Europe looking for another music gig, getting dozens of auditions - but never quite breaking into the European music scene. Charles P is seen here standing on a chair as a finalist in a head-to-head audition for the music group WHAM! He lost to the guy on the right, and then went on to audition for Duran Duran, and some other pretty, Euro-Popsters. In a desperate bid to get into music videos, Charles P auditioned for the part the girl who gets pulled on stage to dance with Bruce Springsteen in the video of "Dancing in the Dark". While he lost the part to a younger and taller Courtney Cox - Charles P was comforted to know that The Boss was impressed enough to copy his patented "Dancing P Machine"moves in the video.

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Amy W said...

I can't believe he lost to that guy on the right. Charles P's hair was SO perfect, and we all know how good his moves are, as evidenced by The Boss as well as the time I got to watch him at DDR.