Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Charles Ps music career, (continued)

After finding the "real" music scene very difficult to gain access to, Charles P crafted another strategy: to ride on the coattails of an already successful music god. After much careful deliberation, he chose a sure-fire idol, one that was certain to bring him to the top of the heap. He formed a Rick James tribute band, calling it "Stupid Freak" - and promptly began pushing hard for a record deal with Motown. Charles P is pictured here on the cover of their first, and only, record released on the Motown label. Once the Motown execs saw this cover and figured out that Charles P was white - pasty white - they canceled the record deal and the 30 city tour citing "artistic differences". Certainly, if they had seen Charles P perform the moving ballad "High on Your Love: I Just Need One More Hit" in person, they could have overlooked his gluey veneer. On the bright side, because this album was pulled from shelves soon after its release, very few copies are know to exist. "Stupid Freak part. 1 & 2 with Charles P" has become highly prized by audiophiles, with copies in good condition fetching over $8,000 on eBay. Charles P, of course, sees none of these profits.

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